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Aerial Yoga

***Please be mindful when registering for Aerial Yoga and Cycling Fusion Classes, space is limited.

No Shows or late cancels (less than two hours prior to class) will be charged the full cost ($15).

Thank you. We appreciate your understanding.***

Drop-In: $20 per class, Unlimited Member: $15 per class


Aerial Restore

A yoga practice to support and surrender while relaxing the body and mind.  Aerial Restore combines traditional yoga principles with a low hanging, soft hammock to release chronic tension and decompress. This class is for all levels, beginner to advanced, all yogi's welcome!  This will allow for the assistance of gravity to open up the body while the hammock supports us in stretches to lengthen and unwind. 

Aerial Yoga 1

Aerial Yoga is a type of yoga which uses a hammock to allow students to perform postures that they may not ordinarily be able to attempt on the yoga mat.  It combines traditional yoga with pilates, dance, and acrobatics.  This is a yoga practice that will encourage you to release your inner child while swinging, flying and flipping upside down. This class is sure to make you smile and leave you feeling exhilarated.  Yogi's of all levels are welcome, however we suggest understanding a good foundation of yoga postures prior to taking this class. 

Here are some guidelines to make your aerial yoga class more enjoyable:

  • No jewelry!

  • No perfumes.

  • Tie up long hair but don't use sharp hair clips that may tear the hammock.

  • Remove face makeup.

  • You must have a yoga mat to put under your hammock.

  • Bring your water bottle.

  • A towel may be helpful to wipe your hands if needed.

  • Wear fitted clothing.  Remember you will be upside down at times so tuck in your shirt and no loose shorts.

  • Avoid clothing with zippers, buttons or dangling straps — anything that can catch or snag on the hammock.

  • Men should wear fitted shorts, like bike shorts.  

  • Long, opaque leggings are better than shorts for women.

  • Listen to your body & its limitations.

  • Ask questions!

  • Be patient and gentle with yourself!


Anyone with the following conditions should seek medical advice before pursuing aerial yoga:

Pregnancy; Glaucoma; Recent Surgery; Heart Disease; Very High -OR- Low Blood Pressure; Motion Sickness, Vertigo, or Inner Ear Conditions; Osteoporosis or Bone Weakness; Recent Head Injury or Concussion; Cerebral Sclerosis; Propensity for Fainting; Carpal Tunnel Syndrome; Severe Arthritis; Sinusitis, Head Cold, or Flu; Hiatal Hernia; Disc Herniation or Acute Discogenic Disease; Recent Stroke; Artificial or Resurfaced Hips; Radiculitis (inflammation of nerve root in spine); Severe Muscle Spasms; Botox Injections within the last 24 hours; Epilepsy; Sutures in Any Part of the Body; Recent Gashes, Lacerations, or Wounds; Severe Balance Issues; Severe Neck or Back Pain; If you are taking any medications that can cause dizziness, light headedness, propensity for fainting, or extreme fatigue



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