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Kathy Mejia


E-RYT  200

RYT 500


Kathy is the founder and owner of Eternal. In 2014 Kathy left Los Angeles California to return to the tri-state area where she was born and raised.  Having practiced yoga for nearly 20 years, Kathy decided to open Eternal Yoga in 2014 in Ashland. "I teach for the sole reason of helping people live their best life, through movement, breath and awareness. My goal is that you take some element of your practice whether it be mindfulness, self awareness or words of affirmation with you when you leave your mat. My purpose on this Earth is to share love and light and Eternal is my platform."  


Kathy began her teacher journey in Los Angeles in 2013.  She is a graduate of Asheville Yoga Center, Asheville North Carolina and an  E-RYT 500 with over 3000 hours of teaching experience. 

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